165. Elijah Churchill was born on Sep 5 1755. He died on Apr 11 1841.
NOTE:Served as corporal, Fourth Company Light Dragoons, from Enfield. Enlisted May 7, 1777. A carpenter. Five feet nine inches high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair. They lived, in 1784, in Enfield.Married March 10, 1777, Elinor Nooney, born in Simsbury, Conn., April 7, 1756. She died October 9, 1846.

He was married to Elinor Nooney on Mar 10 1777 in CT, ?. Elinor Nooney was born on Apr 7 1756 in Simsbury, CT. She died on Oct 9 1846. Elijah Churchill and Elinor Nooney had the following children:

child349 i. Sophia Churchill was born on Feb 8 1782. She died on Feb 18 1782.
child350 ii. Elijah Churchill was born on Apr 21 1784. He died on Sep 4 1796 in Enfield, CT.
child+351 iii. James Churchill.
child352 iv. Eleanor Churchill was born on Nov 14 1788. She died on Jan 1 1790.
child+353 v. Eleanor Churchill.
child+354 vi. Giles Churchill.
child+355 vii. Charles Churchill.
child+356 viii. Sophia Churchill.