38. Ensign Samuel Churchill was born in 1688 in Wethersfield, CT. He died on Jul 21 1769 in Newington Parish, CT. He was buried in The Churchyard.
NOTE:Ensign Samuel Churchill, born in Wethersfield, 1688. He settled in Newington Parish, wher he bought land of Joseph Allen in 1712, fifty-two acres, adjoining land of Capt.
Robert Wells and Jonathan Deming. He lived in a house on the hillside just south of the present house in which Miss Mary Churchill lives (1903). Like his father and grandfather he was active in public affairs in town and church. His name appears very frequently in the records of the Newington Society, where he served on the Prudential and School Committees, and in minor affairs, like repairs on the meeting-house, school-house, etc. One vote of the society, taken June 26, 1721, in anticipation of the settlement of the Rev. Elisha Williams, is of interest, viz.:

Voted and agreed as followeth:
Samuel Hunn, Jabezeth Whittlesey, Richard Borman, and Samuel Churchel, shall undertake to make twenty thousand bricks for Mr. Elisha Williams, to take the care and provide the hands and all things for said work.

In one of Wethersfield deeds he is called "Smith," indicating his trade. In 1746 the General Assembly appointed him ensign of the local military company, and he bore the title afterwards, and has been designated in the family ever since as "Ensign Samuel." He died in Newington Parish, July 21, 1769, and lies buried in the churchyard. Married, June 26, 1717, Martha Boardman, born Dec. 19, 1695, daughter of Daniel and Hannah (Wright) Boardman, of Wethersfield, and the Grandaughter of Samuel Boardman, of Cleydon, England, one of the first settlers, and for many years one of the most prominent citizens of Wethersfield. Mrs. Martha (Boardman) died Dec. 14, 1780, in Newington.

He was married to Martha Boardman (daughter of Daniel Boardman and Hannah Wright) on Jun 26 1717 in CT, ?. Martha Boardman was born on Dec 19 1695 in Wethersfield, CT. She died on Dec 14 1780 in Newington Parish, CT.
NOTE:Martha is the Grandaughter of Samuel Boardman of Claydon, England near
Oxford, one of the first settlers of Wethersfield, CT.
Martha Bordman born in Wethersfield, Dec 19, 1695, married June 26, 1717, Samuel Churchill of Newington, Son of Joseph and Mary (Touzey) Churchill. They lived at the south end of the present town of Newington, on land inherited from their emigrant ancestor, Josias Churchill, which is still in possesion of the family. Samuel Churchill was a leading man in the parish of Newington, his name frequently occurring in its annals. His tombstone and that of his wife are to be seen in its burying ground. "Ensign Samuel Churchill died July 21, 1767 and Martha, his widow, died Dec 14, 1780. (Weth. Rec.) Ensign Samuel Churchill and Martha Boardman had the following children:

child+79 i. Giles Churchill.
child+80 ii. Samuel Churchill.
child+81 iii. Captain Charles Churchill.
child+82 iv. Jesse Churchill.
child+83 v. Benjamin Churchill.
child+84 vi. William Churchill.
child85 vii. David Churchill.